Haiti history

Haitian History presents the best of the recent articles on Haitian history, by both Haitian and foreign scholars, moving from colonial Saint Domingue to the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. Haiti, an independent republic since 1804, is the oldest black republic in the world. It is located in the West Indies on the western third of the Island of Hispaniola, which lies between Cuba and Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea. The Haitian religion is Vodou, a similar cocktail of European Catholic saints, Taíno animism and West African mythology. Modern Haiti’s origin myth is perhaps the most unique: this is the site of the most successful slave rebellion in all of written history. Haitians’ creativity in forging their own story,... Linguistic wit and analytical sophistication prevail as Girard skillfully weaves readers through the complexities and tragedy of Haiti's history and the highly touted, but unsuccessful aftermath of the 1994 "invasion" by U.S. troops to restore Aristide and democracy to this Caribbean republic.